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Whether you’re processing or inspecting displays or thin-film solar, you’ll find "Fundamentals of Glass Flotation for Flat Panel Display (FPD) or Photovoltaic (PV) Manufacturing" a thoughtful overview of non-contact glass-handling methodologies. In it, you’ll examine:

  • The scale of Gen 10 glass, and the issues it causes
  • The structural loop of large moving gantries vs. glass flotation systems
  • Simple flotation systems
  • Air tables versus air bars
  • Orifice versus porous media air bars
  • Adding vacuum to optimize control
  • Flotation characteristics to the micron level
  • Stability results from the field to the nanometer level

"Fundamentals of Glass Flotation"
uses detailed illustration sequences to reveal what actually happens at the microscopic level above and below the glass in both the transition and precision process zones. It should provide you with insight into your own manufacturing line, and what you can do to increase yield, precision and throughput.

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